Thursday, November 6, 2014

25% off Breezer Bicycles

Breezer Uptown 5 in diamond or step-through frame styles.

All of our 2014 bicycles are discounted 25% off this month.

The perfect time to add a spritely new city bicycle to your household.

Just imagine a bicycle with everything a city dweller needs.
Our Breezers offer:

  • an internally geared hub (no more greasy drivetrain!)
  • generator light system 
  • a chain guard 
  • rear rack 
  • Fenders
  • kickstand
  • and last but not least, wonderful colors to choose from. 

Breezer City Bicycles

Breezer Bikes

Our neighbors looking for a bike to take to the trails enjoy Breezer's easy riding style.
Our neighbors with 3 other bicycles enjoy Breezer's attention to the needed details for city commuting. 

At 25% off - everyone should have a Breezer!

Hurry for the best size selection,  303-561-3025.

Queen City Hours:
Thursday-Monday: 11-6

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Soma San Marcos Custom Build

After moving from Denver to California, one of our former neighbors placed a special order for a road bike that will withstand the Northern California Trails.
Ethan recommended the San Marcos frame set because it blends the comfort of a touring bike with the sportiness of a road bike. This bicycle will see many dirt trails, asphalt, and hopefully a few off-road campgrounds too.

Features include:
SKS fenders
bespoke whee set
Phil Wood hubs
Velocity rims
NITTO stem and handlbars
Sugino cranks
Dia Compe stem shifter mounts.

Monday, September 29, 2014

bicycle handlebar conversion

Recent Handlebar Conversion

New NITTO bars belong on almost any bicycle including this Nirve Cruiser..

NITTO handlebars

Soma Head Light

Rear Rack

Upgrades include:

NITTO handlebars
         Resulting in a more comfortable hand position allowing the rider better handling.
         The NITTO bars are in better proportion to our customer's physic too.

Soma Bullet head light
          It's Fall baby and those dark streets need illumination after dinner out.

Rear Rack
        Just in case.

Whether you choose to buy a bicycle from Queen City Cycle or not we most certainly can customize your ride.


Friday, August 8, 2014

XtraCycle Upgrades

It happens,
Life rolls along and boom big changes occur.  Hopefully your life changes have been positive ones such as marital status, babies, new job...
As shop owners we observe these changes through our customer's bicycle habits.  As one would expect happy changes translate to more bicycle riding. For example, one of loyal Boulder customers moved to the northern reaches of his city a year and half ago. In anticipation of this move he had Ethan perform a longtail, XtraCycle conversion on one of his steel bicycles knowing that he was going to be commuting up and down several hills to get to his office, to shop, and to take his daughter to school.

In due course components have worn and need to be replaced. Meaning he and his family have been riding their bicycles and having fun in their new neighborhood!

The Upgrades

Velocity rim, Phil Wood Hub, IRD freewheel

The problems started when our friend wasn't able to shift gears properly.

Ethan replaced his shifters better quality IRD trigger shifters. Then during the course of it's tune-up Ethan discovered that the rear rim was cracking and the rear cassette was missing teeth.

After deliberating several options our friend decided to have Ethan build a new rear wheel with double butted spokes, a Phil Wood hub, and an IRD freewheel.

This wheel was built for strength because our customer is still transporting his growing daughter up and down the hills of North Boulder.

New NITTO seatpost
 As long as his bicycle was in the shop we recommended
a new NITTO seatpost. This seat post is elegant and holds
it's position.
One or our favorite custom Surly Long Haul Truckers.

a rear light was added,
IRD Power Ratchet Friction Thumb Shifter,
IRD freewheel,
Velocity rim,
Phil Wood rear hub.

Not bad for all the fun that this ride provides.

Keep on Trucking!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

custom Soma Saga

We are pleased as punch that Soma Fabrications has made their iconic Saga touring frame set available as a complete bike build this year.  But sometimes, when a customer wants everything just perfect for their brand new bike the custom route is the way to travel.

Pictured is a great Saga build that we customized for one of our Denver customers. This Saga will be used as a commuter, a road bike, and a touring bike or concisely put, an all-around steel road bike.

After our initial interview with the owner of this Saga, Ethan determined that this gent was seeking a comfortable yet sporty ride. He needs to be able to dismount quickly in traffic therefore platform pedals. Flats are a big prob. here on the front range so EverWears with thorn-protection built in were chosen. Every little piece of this component package were carefully chosen just for him.

Highlights of this build:

  • ChroMoly frame set
  • Velocity rims
  • Sugino triple crankset
  • MKS pedals
  • Brooks Saddle
  • NITTO grand rando bars
  • IRD stem and headset
  • IRD front derailleur
  • STI shifters
  • Soma EverWear tires....