Monday, November 23, 2015

Vintage Schwinn Overhaul

We just completed an overhaul on this classic Schwinn. This particular model had been in the family barn for decades. We overhauled the headset, bottom bracket, hubs and here you are...

we stock replacement block pedals

original Wald basket, we stock new models too.

head badge, chain guard, grips, seat, all original!

Contact us if your favorite classic needs an overhaul!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bicycle Commuter in Traffic and other musings from a Bicycling Lifestylist


What a fantastic few months Ethan and I have had.
Ethan took his first vacation in many years with a good friend to the Swiss Alps this summer. They rode up and down mountains mostly camping along their way.

And I just returned from my first vacation since we closed the tea shop. I went on a photographic safari in Botswana.  It was an incredible experience, even though I didn’t throw my leg over a top tube for a few weeks.   Since I am always curious about how bicycles affect people my conversation with our travel companions quickly hit that bicycle note. 
What I learned; 
5 out of 7 wildlife enthusiasts ride a bike.
Those are better odds than my workplace where 3 out of 20 ride their bicycle to work, 3 others occasionally use public transit. Why are these statistics so dismal? We all know that riding bicycle on a regular basis is good for our bodies and mental state.

One of my theories is the fear of punctures. Getting a flat tire on the way to work is not enjoyable, buy typically it’s fixable. A cyclist’s best investment are good quality tires and inner tubes with sealant. Case in point, I usually suffer from one puncture a year. Not bad for my 100 mile/week habit.

Another theory is the discomfort factor. People may be afraid to be less than polished when they arrive to work.

But the number 1 complaint that we hear is that people are afraid of traffic.
All I can say is that most people have been in more automobile accidents than I have had on my bike. I recommend to; 

  • Follow traffic laws so car drivers can predict your bicycling moves.
  • Watch and listen to car traffic. Is the driver braking, turning, or accelerating?
  • Keep your bicycle tuned with good quality tires

The current rant in our Denver community is for the implementation for more bicycle lanes. Not a bad idea yet the bicycle lanes that are painted onto the pavement do not typically follow a complete route from my house to the shops, work, or appointments. It’s always a cut and paste route for me utilizing bike paths when I can and bike friendlier streets other times. 
The best Metro bike map available at the shop
The quickest road to bicycle safety, in my eye, is simple enforcement of traffic laws. Many motorists do not understand how to drive with bicycles present, or even pedestrians for that matter.  I radically believe that the speed limits need to be lowered throughout our residential neighborhoods and motorists need to be penalized for not following the traffic rules.

Currently I incorporate cycling into my daily routine for my own health. I certainly can’t afford to wait for raised and separated bicycle lanes to be built throughout the city grid. I need to ride now. And so do we all!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Be Prepared for flats on the road

talk about a thorn in your side!
Punctured inner tubes just happen,
We try to prevent them by purchasing good quality tires, by watching the road for debris, and keeping our tires inflated to their proper psi but they still occur.

If you are prepared it's not so bad plus you are then able to assist other cyclists on the road too.
Here is our list of what needs to be in your tool kit every day:
patch kit
tire boot
extra tube
tire levers
proper wrenches
frame pump or mini pump.

Come by the shop this Sunday, July 19, for cookies and lemonade! We are kicking back for a few hours to catch up.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

classic steel road bike restored

This classic lugged, steel framed Trek has traveled the country and finally made it back to it's original owner here in Denver, the Queen City.

We didn't have to replace much, tires, housing. Our neighbor requested a handlebar conversion and so we accommodated his request.

Overhaul completed by Queen City Cycle.
overhauling frame, hubs, botttom bracket, headset....
new Panaracer 27" tires and tube.
Handle bar conversion featuring Ouray grips.